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iJoy Combo RDTA

===iJoy Combo RDTA===


iJoy and Limitless.  Even though the teamup between the two companies is no longer happening, the tanks that they came out with brought the RDTA family of tanks to the level it is at now.  The latest (and possibly the last) tank to be based off of the old Limitless RDTA design has something interesting.  As the name suggests the "Combo" has a lot of different choices with regards to decks and accessories.  How does it perform?  Lets find out...




Unboxing - 1:35

iJoy Combo RDTA - 3:16

The Combo Decks - 5:10

Coiling - 13:48

Wicking - 15:32

Thoughts - 20:23



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    Aries Ram - HiggyCigs

    ===HiggyCigs - Aries Ram===


    Single e-liquid review today, having a look at Aries Ram.  A flavour profile that AriesJJ came up with during one of Jenn (HiggyCigs) live shows.



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    GeekVape Griffin 25 PLUS

    ===GeekVape Griffin 25 PLUS===


    The Griffin.  Since its first release of the original at the beginning of this year its been a tank to look out for when it comes to flavour and ease of use.  The Griffin 25 took the same tank and basically made it bigger.  Whats the story with the 25 Plus though?  Well... what happens when you take the deck fo the GeekVape Tsunami and cram it inside a tank?  Thats what the 25 Plus is... lets find out how it performs...




    Unboxing - 1:54

    GeekVape Griffin 25 PLUS - 

    The Deck - 6:41

    Coiling - 9:58

    Wicking - 13:28

    Thoughts - 18:31


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    iJoy Limitless XL

    ===iJoy Limitless XL===


    The Limitless series of RDTA's.  They are a well known flavour and cloud chasing set of tanks that was designed by Limitless and iJoy.  Lately theres been new products coming out from iJoy which are essentially the last products from the team up between iJoy and Limitless.  Today we are looking at what is more of a standard tank than an RDTA, but it still carries the Limitless name.  Its the Limitless XL.




    Unboxing - 1:27

    iJoy Limitless XL - 1:51

    The Stock Coil - 6:15

    Rebuildable Head - 7:43

    Wicking - 12:20

    Rebuildable Vape - 24:15

    Stock coil vape and thoughts - 32:30


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    SteamWorks - Madchester

    ===SteamWorks MADchester===


    Part 2 of the look at the e-liquids from SteamWorks, this time we are looking at the Red Label MADchester series.




    Hacienda - 2:46

    Anarchy In The UK - 8:00

    Cool Britannia - 12:07

    Perry Boys - 16:47



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    Innokin Smartbox Kit

    ===Innokin Smartbox===


    Simple kits for beginner and intermediate vapers, thats essentially what the Smartbox from Innokin is. One of the new kits from Innokin which essentially does everything automatically depending on the coil that it detects. How does it perform? Lets find out...




    Unboxing - 1:37

    Smartbox - 2:44

    Low ohm and high ohm vaping - 6:46

    iSub V - 10:15

    Vaping on the kit and final thoughts - 14:37



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    Wotofo Serpent Mini 25

    ===Wotofo Serpent Mini 25===


    Wotofo have been very busy lately. Almost their entire line p of tanks and drippers have been given an overhaul to a 25mm diameter size. Today we are looking at the first of 5 wotofo review,s this one is looking at the 25mm version of the Serpent Mini.




    Unboxing - 2:18

    Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 - 4:06

    The Deck - 6:11

    Coiling - 10:28

    Wicking - 14:40

    Thoughts - 16:45


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    CoilArt Azeroth RDTA

    ===CoilArt AzeRoth RDTA===


    The rise of the RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser) have been fast and steady since the end of 2015.  CoilArt, makers of third party stock coils for common clearomiser tanks recently started getting into the tank business.  First with the Mage which was a retake on the Moonshot, and now with their latest tank...the Azeroth.  How does it perform?  Lets find out...




    Unboxing - 1:57

    CoilArt AzeRoth RDTA - 4:28

    The Deck - 8:06

    Coiling - 9:03

    Wicking - 15:30

    Thoughts - 23:10


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