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DigiFlavor Pharaoh RDA by Rip Trippers

===DigiFlavor Pharaoh RDA===


DigiFlavour, the company which is basically an offshoot of GeekVape, have been busy releasing tanks and RDA's in the background for the past few months now. Their absolutley brilliant Fuji GTA is still a tank i use regularly. Recenrly they teamed up with Rip Trippers (an american reviewer) and came out with the Rip Trippers signed Pharaoh RDA. How does it perform? Lets find out.




Unboxing - 2:13

DigiFlavor Pharaoh RDA - 3:50

The Deck - 7:51

Coiling - 11:38

Wicking - 18:35

Thoughts - 24:27


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    Just In - August 29th

    Just In... Troll V2 25, Sapor V2 25, Serpent Sub, Serpent Mini 25, Sapor 25... yeah, thats a lot of 25's

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    Joyetech eGo AIO

    ===Joyetech eGo AIO===


    All In Ones (or AIO) have seen a rise in popularity since the mainstream Joyetech AIO came out 4 or 5 months ago.  Since then there has been many companies releasing their own AIO based kits aimed at the starter or intermediate market.  Enter the eGo AIO, a new spin on the AIO name from Joyetech.  It's basically the box mod version of the kit.




    Joyetech eGo AIO - 1:47

    Filling - 5:24

    Vape and thoughts - 9:46


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    BestCigLiquids: Desserts

    ===BestCigLiquid: Desserts===


    BestCigLiquid in the UK.  Everyone knows i'm a big fan of their N.E.T tobacco's but they also have a range of fruits, desserts and menthols.  This week im looking at three from their dessert range.




    Honey Milk - 3:17

    Totally Nuts - 9:27

    Slurp! - 13:10


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    VaporBox Deluxe

    ===VaporBox Deluxe===


    Tidy boxes.  Little storage boxes to store stuff in.  Especially if you have a lot of tools and coils come in handy.  There are mod and tank stands out there for the major hardware side of things, but what about the 'stuff'?  Big vaping storage boxes are REALLY handy for storing all the stuff like coils and juice etc.  Vapor Box are making large boxes for storage.  We are taking a look at the Deluxe version in this review.



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    Lancashire Steam Company - 1612

    ===Lancashire Steam Company===


    Having a vape on the new 1612 line from Lancashire Steam Company, a range of new 80VG e-liquids!




    Firecake - 2:47

    Lemon Puff - 7:48

    Our Kid - 13:12

    Refresh - 18:15



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    Freemax Starre Pure

    ===Freemax Starre Pure===


    The Freemax Starre (original) was released just as the Gen 1 subohm tanks had ran their course.  Today some folks still swear by the original Starre.  The Starre Pure is a 25mm diameter tank which takes the Starre to the next level.  Top airflow with a ceramic housed coil.




    Unboxing - 2:11

    Freemax Starre Pure - 3:43

    The Deck - 10:09

    Thoughts - 14:46



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    UD Mesmer Tank

    ===UD Mesmer===


    Stock coil tanks that are based on the design of a previously released RTA.  It seems to be a thing thesedays.  A few days ago i had a look at the UD Goblin V3 Mini.  Today im looking at a stock coil option of that same tank.  The Mesmer by UD.  How does it perform?  Lets find out.




    Unboxing - 1:27

    UD Mesmer - 2:49

    The Coil - 4:02

    Vape and thoughts - 8:53


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