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Aspire Archon 150watt Mod

===Aspire Archon===


The mid wattage mods.  Its a market thats been getting ever more crowded out for the past year.  The 100 to 150 watt range for mods has become the mainstream and mid-tier range, they have the wattage to punch out enough power for most rebuilds out there with enough power to keep subohm stock coil tanks happy.  Aspire have recently released their latest mod, The Archon.  A 150 watt dual battery mod.  How does it perform?  Lets find out...




Unboxing - 3:11

Aspire Archon - 4:10

Controls and Screen - 8:53

Wattage Vape - 13:48

Temp Control - 20:15

Thoughts - 27:00



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    Augvape Zoom 60

    ===Augvape Zoom 60 Kit===


    Small stealth kits which are pocket friendly.  There has been quite a few of them being released this year and today we are looking at one of the latest.  Augvape, makers of the Boreas, Druid and Triad drippers and tanks have released the new Zoom range of kits, how do they perform?  Lets find out...




    Unboxing - 1:28

    Augvape Zoom 60 Box Mod - 4:03

    Controls - 7:48

    Wattage Vape - 11:54

    Temp Control - 18:15

    Augvape Zoom 60 Tank - 22:52

    Thoughts - 27:00



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    Wotofo Serpent 50W TC

    ===Wotofo Serpent 50W TC===


    Not only have Wotofo been busy overhauling their line of tanks and rippers to 25mm, and then releasing the new Freakshow V2, they are also in the process of releasing a new line of mods as well.  The Cheiftain (up for review next week) and the Serpent.  Today I am looking at the Serpent 50w mod, a small unobtrusive stealth mod.




    Unboxing - 1:48

    Wotofo Serpent 50W TC - 2:56

    Controls - 6:11

    Wattage Vape - 8:31

    Temp Control - 13:18

    Thoughts - 18:00



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    Wotofo Freakshow V2

    ===Wotofo Freakshow V2===


    The original Freakshow by Wotofo was one of a line of new releases by Wotofo which, along with the Sapor, Lush and Troll RDA's pulled the average price of flavour and cloud chase drippers down to a price the mainstream can afford.  Over the past 3 months Wotofo has been overhauling their line of tanks and RDA's to 25mm versions, but the Freakshow gets a full overhaul and is released as a version 2.  How does it perform?  Lets find out...




    Unboxing - 2:46

    Wotofo Freakshow V2 - 5:03

    The Deck - 8:57

    Coiling - 10:26

    Wicking - 16:30

    Thoughts - 20:12



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    Asmodus Triad RDA and Triad Genesis

    ===Asmodus Triad Genesis and Triad RDA===


    Asmodus is a company known for their fair priced box mods which they have been releasing for over a year now.  Rarley do they release a tank or a dripper so it was a bit of a surprise for Asmodus to release a new tank and a new dripper at the same time.  This is a review of both the tank and the dripper.  The Triad Genesis RTA and Triad RDA.




    Unboxing - 1:36

    Triad Genesis - 3:45

    The Deck - 5:51

    Triad RDA - 11:38

    Thoughts - 14:38


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    Cthulhu V3 RTA

    ===Cthulhu RTA V III ===


    The big bruiser RTA's.  There's a lot of them out there.  From the older generation foggers to the new generation RDTA's the age of the big tank has never really went away.  CthulhuMods brought out the original Cthulhu back in 2015 to rave reviews.  The V2 of the tank released at the beginning of 2016 was a step up and a direct competitor to the Griffin by Geekvape.  Now the Cthulhu V3 is out.  How does it compare to the V2 and the newer tanks out there?  Lets find out...




    Unboxing - 3:17

    Cthulhu RTA V3 - 4:29

    The Deck - 6:49

    Coiling - 13:43

    Wicking - 18:29

    Thoughts - 25:12


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    Lancashire Steam Company - Malkin Tower

    ===Lancashire Steam Company Malkin Tower===

    Having a vape on the latest eLiquid from Lancashire Steam Company... Malkin Tower.


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    Mum's Home Baked eLiquid

    ===Mum's Home Baked===


    Having a vape on the full launch range from Mum's Home Baked.  An e-liquid company based in the UK which is launching during expo which is going on this weekend.  




    Pink Glazed Doughnut - 3:03

    Custard Doughnut - 5:59

    Strawberry Cheesecake - 9:24

    Apple Muffin - 12:14

    Strawberry Custard - 15:21



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