FP RTA by Blitz and TVP Review – The FP… unleash the Fat Pugs!…wait…what?

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The FP RTA, (full name of Fuck Pig… no im not joking) is a new tank designed by The Vaping Postman who, incase you dont know, is a reviewer based in the UK. Manufactured by Blitz Enterprises, the Blitz and TVP FP RTA is a large tank, 30mm in diameter with a very interesting clamp system for the single or dual coil config on the deck.

As always with a Vaping With Vic review, you know that I have tested this item for at least a week, instead of reviewing it the day after it comes in…this channel always tests items first before reviewing.

═╣ FP RTA by Blitz and TVP ╠═

01:19 ◄ Unboxing
03:48 ◄ Close Look
12:11 ◄ Coiling & Wicking
19:21 ◄ Thoughts




Current UK Stockist – https://www.naturevape.co.uk/rebuildables/fp-rta-by-tvp-blitz-enterprises

AFFILIATE LINKS…these affiliate links are at a normal retail price, but a few cents of the sale goes towards Vaping With Vic

3FVape – http://shrsl.com/15r8r