Has DamnVape solved the Mesh RTA problem? – DamnVape Doom RTA

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The DamnVape Doom Mesh RTA is another mesh based RTA release this year, however the difference with this one is the way it wicks. The DamnVape Doom Mesh RTA’s “3D” wicking systen has liquid coming in from the sides of the wick (which is normal) but the deck also has what is essentially a “culvert” below the middle of the wick to let liquid into the part of the cotton which gets dry the quickest…the middle.

═╣ DamnVape Doom RTA ╠═

01:43 ◄ Unboxing and Close Look
10:30 ◄ Build & Wicking
20:49 ◄ Vape
22:12 ◄ Thoughts