HotCig R200 Review – HotCig go down the full regulated path

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In today’s review, we are having a look at the HotCig R200. Folks looking at the mod might be mistaken to think its a HotCig R233 that I’m reviewing. The bodywork of the R200 is essentially the same (which means it will take the R150 panels) but the difference between this and the two previous R series mods…is this one is fully regulated.

Featuring the HM 200 watt chip, full-colour screen, easy to use menu and temp control, it looks like hotcig decided to pull out the stops for this one. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

As always with a Vaping With Vic review, you know that I have tested this item for at least a week, instead of reviewing it the day after it comes in…this channel always tests items first before reviewing.

═╣ HotCig R200 ╠═

1:18 ◄ Unboxing
2:21 ◄ Close Look
9:30 ◄ Controls and Screen
14:00 ◄ Temp Control
16:54 ◄ Wattage Vape
18:00 ◄ Thoughts