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Fakirs overhauls the Ion – Fakirs Mods Ion V2 Review

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At the higher end of the market, going into the price range of the beginning of the high end, Fakirs Mods have been producing mods and tanks for a while now. The Fakirs Mods Ion V2 is a full overhaul of the popular Ion MTL RTA. Now with a sleeker engineered design, the Ion V2 enters an ever growing MTL RTA market.

═╣ Fakirs Mods Ion V2 ╠═

01:15 ◄ Intro and specs
03:15 ◄ Close up and build
16:08 ◄ Vape
16:37 ◄ Thoughts

Signature + TVC + DovPo = SQ Topside Review

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The SQ Topside is, as the name suggests, and collaboration between Signature Mods (makers of the SQ217) and DovPo/The Vapor Chronicles, maker and designer of the Topside squonker. When the SQ Topside was announced to be released at the Vaper Expo UK in October…well…you can guess the number of folks that booth got at the expo.

═╣ SQ Topside ╠═

01:03 ◄ Intro and tech specs
04:08 ◄ Close look and break down
09:39 ◄ Vape
10:37 ◄ Thoughts

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