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Vaping With Vic is a 40 year old Scotsman living in the UK.

I started using e-cigs in March of 2014 after having a health scare after the hospital informed me that my lungs have started to deform due to 20 years of heavy smoking.  I haven’t had a single cigarette since March of 2014.

The Vaping With Vic channel originally wasn’t intended to be a review channel at the start, it was going to be a “vlogging” channel documenting my experiences of the use of e-cigs as a way to give up tobacco use.  However I started to do reviews in the early days of the channel and it grew from there.

With over 8000 subscribers, a live broadcast show which brings in over 200 live viewers, a very busy Facebook group and now this website, Vaping With Vic as a review channel has a reputation of telling it “like it is”.  I’m not scared of giving an e-liquid or a device a slating review, but its very rare for an eliquid or device to be “bad”…but on the rare occasion it is then i let the viewers know about it.

If you are a hardware maker, a vendor, or an ejuice company, and would like something reviewed, please contact me via victor at vapingwithvic.co.uk

1 737 738 739 740

Latest News and Reviews

DamselFly are back in the running – DamselFly Poison RDA Review

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The DamselFly Poison RDA is the latest RDA from a company who is quiet for a good number of months between releases, DamselFly. The DamselFly Poison RDA is the same style of T-Piece post design that we have seen in … Read More

The successor of the Minikin 2 – Asmodus Minikin 3 and 3S Review

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The Asmodus Minikin 3 and 3S are the successors of the highly popular Minikin 2. In 2018 the release of the Minikin 2 seen a LOT of people rush out and buy what at the time was Asmodus flagship mainstream … Read More

Just in… June 11th

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Just in… KangerTech ONE, VandyVape Mutant RDA, Artery PAL II (update), ONE Lambo Kit, Wotofo Titanium Alloy Profile RDA and ALeader Rocket RDA Post Views: 56

Something…different… – AModVape Valr RDA Review

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The AModVape Valr RDA is another dual coil dripper being released into a market where there are already a lot of dual coilers out there for RDA fans, however, the AModVape Valr RDA has done something completely different with the … Read More

Advken step into the mesh stock scene – Advken Dark Mesh Review

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The Advken Dark Mesh is Advken’s first step into the large, multi-coil mesh tank market, a market which is now taking over practically all segments of the mesh stock coil tank scene. Large, with big capacity, the Dark Mesh has … Read More

GeekVape’s take on the Orion – Geek Vape Frenzy Kit Review

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The Geek Vape Frenzy has a very familiar look to it. The Frenzy is the new AIO/Pod from Geek Vape loosely based off of the Orion from Lost Vape, but rather than just copy the entire device, Geek Vape decided … Read More

Has DamnVape solved the Mesh RTA problem? – DamnVape Doom RTA

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The DamnVape Doom Mesh RTA is another mesh based RTA release this year, however the difference with this one is the way it wicks. The DamnVape Doom Mesh RTA’s “3D” wicking systen has liquid coming in from the sides of … Read More

A pod for high VG vapers? – Rincoe Ceto SE Review

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Generally when it comes to pod kits the rule of 50/50 (50VG and 50PG) mixes apply, sometimes you can push it to 60VG. However, the Rincoe Ceto SE is one of less than a handful of pods which can comfortably … Read More

The Rebirth RDA in a tank? – Mike Vapes/HellVape Rebirth RTA Review

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The Mike Vapes/HellVape Rebirth RTA is a new tank from Mike Vapes and designed by the folks over at HellVape. As the name suggests the Rebirth RTA takes aspects of the popular Rebirth RDA and transfers it into a tank … Read More

SMM’s Passag…umm.. – HellVape Passage RDA Review

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Suck My Mod (Matt Culley) has designed a lot of atomisers over the past couple of years, this, the latest one is the HellVape Passage RDA which has a very interesting airflow and post design compared to the usual run … Read More

SteamCraves first falter? – Aromamizer Lite Review

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SteamCrave’s Aromamizer line of tanks have been a stalwart of the RTA market for 4 years. The Aromamizer Lite from SteamCrave is the latest of the line and it goes in a different direction to a lot of the SteamCrave … Read More

A telescoping mainstream mech? – SerisVape Bathala Review

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Looking at a mechanical mod today, with a bit of a difference. The SerisVape Bathala is a constant contact switch arrangement with a difference, the tube is telescoping, which marks the first time for a while that a mainstream priced … Read More