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Here’s a list of UK vendors who have a “Vaping With Vic” code that you can use on their site for a discount!

I’ve reviewed¬†juice or hardware from all of these sites, just look them up on the VWV Youtube channel ūüôā


http://www.clockworkvapour.co.uk VIC5 for 5% off

http://www.elegantvapour.co.uk vic5 for 5% off.

https://www.vapour.co.uk  VAPINGVIC for 10% off on all orders.

nico-hit.co.uk VIC10 10% discount on all orders of £10 

http://www.egobattery.co.uk РVIC10 for 10% off of your FIRST order.

http://www.zd-vapes.co.uk РVIC10 for 10% off of all orders over £10.

http://exceptionalvapes.co.uk РVIC10 for 10% off all orders.

http://www.ezeevape-hazelgrove.co.uk РVic10 for 10% off orders.

http://www.vikingvapourisers.co.uk РVIC15 for 10% off orders.


http://www.daddypigsmokejuice.com VIC12 for 12% off.

lancashiresteamcompany.co.uk¬†–¬†Angryscott10 for 10% off.

http://www.vaperfog.com РVFVIC for 10% off all orders.

http://bjuice.co.uk РVapingVic10 for 10% off all orders and free shipping.

http://grumpyjuice.com РVIC10 for 10% off all orders.


Latest News and Reviews

The Dovpo College – Dovpo enter the side by side market

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The DovPo College is the latest in a growing number of side by side mods which is hitting the market, the Dovpo college is the classic style of side by side mod where the 510 is recessed down below the … Read More

Aspire Nautilus Prime – A new AIO with the classic Nautilus coil.

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The Aspire Nautilus Prime fills a gap in the Aspire AIO line-up which was starting to show its age against newer AIO kits. With a larger battery capacity and a cleaner look the Nautilus Prime was released to go up … Read More

Hammer Of God XL Classic – Your gonna need a bigger dripper

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The Hammer Of God XL Classic is the latest iteration to the Hammer of God series of mechanical mods. This time though the folks at Vaperz Clouds decided to take the well known HoG V3 and overhaul it to take … Read More

Single and dual release – Freemax Maxus 100/200

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The Freemax Maxus 100 and Freemax Maxus 200 were both released at the same time onto the market making sure that the Maxus mod range covered both sides of the common wattage mod market, the single, and dual battery mods. … Read More

Does it warrant a V2? – HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA V2

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The HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA V2 is the newest iteration of the Dead Rabbit range, a bit of a surprise when it dropped as Hell Vape didn’t even do much marketing around it. So, does it warrant the V2 moniker? … Read More

Aspire team up with Sunbox – Aspire Sunbox Mixx

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The “Side by Side” style of mod, where the 510 is recessed down next the battery so its lower than the top of the battery compartment, has been a rarity in the mod scene for the past year or so. … Read More

Odin is back from his diet – DovPo/Vaperz Cloud/Vaping Bogan Odin Mini

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The DovPo Odin Mini, is, as the name suggests, a shrunk-down version of the much larger (and a few would say too large) DovPo Odin which came out not that long ago. The Odin Mini handles a single 21700 cell … Read More

Fingerprint sensor that works?! – VapeFly TGO Pod Mod

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The VapeFly TGO Pod Mod is yet another AIO/PodMod brought into a market which is becoming saturated…however, it does bring something new to the table, a fingerprint sensor. The difference between this one though and others that came before it … Read More

Well, that’s big… – Steam Crave Hadron and Hadron Backpack

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The Steam Crave Hadron is the latest large form factor mod from the folks over at Steam Crave. Along with the review for the Hadron though the Hadron Backpack is also being included in the review. ‚ēź‚ē£ Steam Crave Hadron … Read More

Cthulhu calls The Unspeakable One – Cthulhu Hastur

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The Cthulhu Hastur, apart from Hastur also being an MTL RTA, is a single 18650 based device with a new screen and, from what I can tell, a new board and chip for Cthulhu as well. The Hastur fills a … Read More

Just in…July 15th

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Just in, Aspire and SunBox Mixx, Geek Vape Wenax Stylus, DovPo/BP Mods Pioneer RTA, Kizoku Limit RTA Renaissance Edition and the Aspire BP60 Post Views: 239

Does it…shine? – Suorin Shine

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The Suorin Shine is the latest (and possibly last) pod kit from a company who has been making decent pod systems since the pod market came to fruition two years ago. ‚ēź‚ē£ Suorin Shine ‚ē†‚ēź 00:00 ‚óĄ Intro, specs and … Read More