Plans for the forthcoming week…

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Hi folks!

With the VWV channel being suspended for a week due to two videos being randomly struck it means that there will be no Watts UP tomorrow. Also, while the YouTube support dept have a look at the channel as a whole (along with Creator Support now) it basically means that a lot of next week will have no videos either, because, well, I can’t upload anything.

From what the Creator Support guy said, it has something to do with the “Restrictive Products” area in the Community Standards which means no links to nicotine products. The thing is though, about 90% of the items reviewed are empty kits, the final 10% (which to be fair the first video struck was one of them) are pre-filled pods. The restrictive products part of the Community Standards mentions links to sites selling “nicotine products”…by the looks of it, either the “Sent By” part of the description, or the Golisi sponsor link, has triggered the automatic bot things that YouTube uses.

What this means is I am going to have to go through all 2000 odd videos are strip out all links to actual manufacturer sites…which also has a shop, THAT is gonna take the better part of 3 or 4 days for me to do manually.

The sponsor links have been bulk removed via TubeBuddy and redirected to the Vaping With Vic website, but for now, and at least for the next 4 days there will be no videos while I go into the back catalogue of the videos and strip all links (apart from mine) just to be on the safe side.
The reviews for next week (the week of the 20th) will now be uploaded from the week of the 27th.

For next week, I’ll be editing all the descriptions of the videos, and also working on the second studio for the Tech With Vic youtube channel which partially launched last week.