Hello and thanks for considering sending your item over for review.  What follows is general guidelines when it comes to what I review.

1: Generally, i do 4 reviews per week, and it may take up to 4 weeks or more for your item to be reviewed due to the current review queue.

2: Please do not ask for your review to be done “as quick as possible” or ask that your item is reviewed before other items which are already on the calendar, as I will ALWAYS refuse such a request. I am reviewing your product for usability, it is NOT an advert.  When it comes to the order I release reviews in, latest release items which have gone to market either just after or just before the item has arrived here will take precedence over items which have been sent which have been on the market for a number of weeks or months.

3: Please do not email me asking when the review goes up the day the parcel arrives.  I generally test tanks, RDA’s and mods for AT LEAST a week before they are even added to the review queue and at any given time the review queue can have 20 or more items waiting to be reviewed.

4: I will no longer review stock coil sub ohm tanks that have been out on the retail market for more than a month.

5: When a review goes out I will email the contact who sent the item to inform him/her that the review is out.  My reviews are usually posted to Youtube (obviously) my own twitter, facebook, site and forum.  The review is also posted out to Vaping Underground, ECF and UK Vapers.  If the vendor/manufacturer has their own twitter/facebook account, then I do ask that you post out the review I have done for you on your own facebook and twitter.

6: If the item is being shipped from outside of the UK, any customs charges must be paid in full by the sender before I start the review. If you are not sure about customs form filling for international shipping to the UK, please let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

7: Please note that I am not accepting e-liquid reviews.



Easiest way to contact me is via victor@vapingwithvic.co.uk or fill out the review request form below

Please include the date that the item is being released to retail or if it is already released.