Ronin X2 Ambition by DripN Revolution Review – One for the mech fans

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The Ronin X2 Ambition mechanical mod is one of those mech mods that have been designed with one thing in mind…getting as much of the power from the battery to the atomizer as possible. With its telescopic platform style top cap, large magnetic style switch and an all round heavy build for the tube, the mech looks like it has a lot going for it…

As always with a Vaping With Vic review, you know that I have tested this item for at least a week, instead of reviewing it the day after it comes in…this channel always tests items first before reviewing.

═╣ Ronin X2 Ambition ╠═

1:05 ◄ Unboxing
2:34 ◄ Close Look
10:28 ◄ Wattage Vape
12:00 ◄ Thoughts