The Continuing YouTube Issue

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The Continuing YouTube Issue

So, today Vapn Fagan got his channel stricked to the point that he is also facing a 14 day suspension on his channel, the same triple strike that I got yesterday. Ambitionz Vaper got a double strike and his channel is suspended for 7 days.

YouTube themselves sent an email saying they are unable (or unwilling) to tell me exactly which youtube rule was broken.

To put things into perspective. The US reviewer stripped out links long before some of us in the UK did. Fagan’s reviews have no vendor, wholesale or distro links at all in the descriptions of his videos and he was still given a strike, which is exactly what happened to me even after the first two strikes and the youtube rep saying I had to remove links. I removed the links, they still hit with a strike.

It is unclear if any other reviewers have been hit with the strike over the past 7 to 14 days but the odds are more have, we just don’t know about it yet.

Both myself and Fagans channel is sitting on the edge, with one more strike to take down the channel completely and zero communication with regards to an actual “Community Standard” being broken, it looks to me like YouTube are really heading down the road of pushing vape reviewers out of the platform.

So, I have made a decision to stop the review for the next two weeks, essentially until the YouTube channel reopens on the 12th/13th, or…the fourth strike hits, and the channel is closed. I am hoping that the latter won’t happens but there’s a very real chance it will.

The Watts UP and the Hump Day Update will still go out on Sunday and Wednesday on BitChute ( ) and on the Vaping With Vic Facebook Page ( ) but until I know for definite as to what YouTube’s intentions are so I can plan for the future…the reviews, for the next two weeks, stop.

If YouTube strikes the channel a fourth time and closes it, then I know I need to push everything to BitChute and the FB Page. If YouTube end up backing off and the channel comes back after 14 days, then I can start uploading again to YouTube but also put in the provisory that “Hey, this can go belly up at any moment…sub to BitChute or follow my FaceBook page”. Scattering people this early to three different video platforms will just increase confusion. I would rather sit this out, and wait for YouTubes next move in the next 12 to 14 days.