Time to upgrade that engine – AugVape VTEC 1.8 V200 Review

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AugVape’s mod releases are generally few and far between compared to other ecig manufacturers, but they mods they do release are generally of a different design. The AugVape VTEC 1.8 V200 is the overhaul of the original V200 that was released in 2018. Still having the same engine block design, the AugVape VTEC 1.8 V200 has an overhauled internal board and chip.

═╣ AugVape VTEC 1.8 V200 ╠═

01:59 ◄ Unboxing and Close Look
05:14 ◄ Controls and Screen
08:52 ◄ Temp Control & Wattage Vape
10:00 ◄ Thoughts