Timesvape / TenaciousTX Ardent Review – One for the fans of the Dreamer?

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The Timesvape Ardent RDA, designed by Stan (TenaciousTXVapes) is a new RDA which is a bit on the big side. In at 27mm diameter, the dripper itself is one of the bigger ones released on to the market, but its this size for a reason…its a convertible hybrid RDA. It means that the entire base of the dripper can be removed (510 thread, pin etc) and the rest of it can be screwed directly ontop of another Timesvape and Tenacious product, the Dreamer Mech.

═╣ Timesvape / TenaciousTX Ardent RDA ╠═

02:02 ◄ Unboxing and Close Look
10:47 ◄ Build & Wicking
17:48 ◄ Vape
21:32 ◄ Thoughts