Wotofo Serpent Elevate Review – Designed by Suck My Mod

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PLEASE NOTE: There is currently an issue with youtube rendering the HQ video formats…

The Wotofo Serpent Elevate is the latest design from Matt Culley (Suck My Mod) under the Wotofo branding. The Serpent Elevate is a single coil, top airflow design putting it in the same bracket of rebuildable tanks as some of the tanks from OBS and more recent designs from Mike Vapes. How well does it perform? Let’s find out…

As always with a Vaping With Vic review, you know that I have tested this item for at least a week, instead of reviewing it the day after it comes in…this channel always tests items first before reviewing.

═╣ Wotofo Serpent Elevate ╠═

01:30 ◄ Unboxing and Close Look
07:49 ◄ Coiling & Wicking
11:59 ◄ Thoughts