YiHi SXMini G Class 550A Kevlar LE Review – Full rundown and future of the G Class

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In today’s review, we are having a look at the YiHi SXMini G-Class. The G class is the top of the line mod in the current line up of the SX Mini mods by YiHi. The one I am looking at is the blue Kevlar limited edition, in fact, it’s so limited that YiHi announced they have stopped producing it. In this review, I also take a look at the PC desktop software and the Bluetooth software as well.

With the new YiHi 550A chip, the Kevlar bodywork, the joystick controlled menu and the very powerful 200w rated 550A chip, the G Class is one of those top of the line mods…how does it perform though? Let’s find out…

═╣ YiHi SXMini G Class ╠═

1:20 ◄ Unboxing
2:50 ◄ Close Look
7:40 ◄ Controls and Screen
18:00 ◄ Bluetooth Software
21:00 ◄ PC Desktop Software
29:20 ◄ Temp Control
33:39 ◄ Wattage Vape
40:21 ◄ Thoughts



Big thanks to Jazzy over at the SXMini Brotherhood… got an SX mod? Pop over and join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/SXMiniBrotherhood/


UK – https://www.cremedevape.com/SXmini-G-Class-Mod-by-YiHi

US – http://www.varitube.com/SXmini–G-Class–Dual-18650-200W_p_408.html

Worldwide – http://www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_597314.html?lkid=11062039