Pre/Post-roll adverts

A pre-roll advert is an advert that is part of the video which I record and insert in to a review or vlog on the channel.  The advert is a permanent part of the video.  For an idea of what they are, look at Linus Tech Tips, JayzTwoCents or other tech reviewers on youtube who has been doing something similar for a number of years.

There are some basic rules to the placement of these baked in adverts.

Video Type – Review

Reviews of products will have baked in advert opportunities for shops, wholesalers, vendors or e-liquid companies.

Due to the nature of the review videos, opening review videos up to other manufacturers of hardware is not possible at this time, even though there would be ways to roll in a competitor website (showing an item from different ends of the market for instance) with the lack of kits and the emphasis on pods/AIO’s and the vast amount of companies still producing essentially the same market type of vape devices, right now it would be impossible to show a manufacturers baked in sponsor ad in a competitors review.

Video Type – Watts UP Vlog, Hump Day Update News Video and ECIG101/Debunking The Myth Videos

These are vlog/news style videos in a lot of cases actually get more views over the course of a month than reviews generally tend to get.  These videos are open for manufacturers for sponsor slots, actual makers of the hardware that I generally review.  These videos are also open to wholesalers, vendors or e-liquid companies as well.

Sponsor Video Styling & Length

Both the pre-roll video (which is shown directly at the beginning of the video around 2 to 5 minutes in), and the post-roll video (which will be shown at the end of the video) will not be longer than 60 seconds, will be voiced by myself and not a third party.  Due to YouTube rules to do with ecigs and vaping, no links to your site will be in the description however the URL of the site will be spoken in the video.  The sponsor adverts for both pre and post-roll will be a general “visit the site for more information” at the end, again, due to YouTube and FCC rules on pre and post-roll adverts enticing the viewer to buy items is against the rules.

Sponsor Blocks and Recurrence

No one company will be able to have more than one sponsor advert on the Vaping With Vic channel in a week, which means only ONE sponsor advert can run from your company on a video in a single business week.  I have put this limit in there to stop companies from buying out an entire week (or several weeks) in a row, which would do nothing but annoy the viewer.

Blocks of 4 adverts can be bought at one time at a discount which means 4 adverts for one video every week covering an entire month.

It is at my discretion to accept or refuse a company for an advert.

For more information and pricing contact