About those names...

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About those names...

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Look, I like to think of myself as an open-mended sort of fellow. For the most part, at least. I mean, I've squonked Norbert's sweet Little 16 with a straight face. I'm currently using resistance wire wrapped around a steel fuel filter screen that has lower resistance than the wire with every expectation that it will work without going "bing" at an inopportune moment, mostly because I've threatened it with a blowtorch and expect it's learned its lesson. And while it's not my cuppa, I can accept that there are people who really do want portable megawatt nuclear generators and 100mm half-litre tanks with 64 (or more) coils to run on 'em, and I can be okay with that provided they throw me a MTL bone now and again.


As of yesterday, it became possible for a person to walk into a vape shop and ask for rabies on his (or her) voopoo. That's a weaponized joke of Python calibre, I'm sure, designed to incapacitate vape shop workers and injure innocent bystanders. Or it could be that their English is just about as good as my Cantonese... but that makes a lousy conspiracy theory, so I'll stick with the weaponized mick-taking.
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