Tried hybrid mesh/cable wicking yet?

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Tried hybrid mesh/cable wicking yet?

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Using a "cotton Genny"? You know, a top-coil RDTA? They're everywhere, so there's a pretty good chance you've got at least one lying round somewhere if you use rebuildable tanks at all. Well, if it has round wick holes and the deck is connected to the same side of the 510 as the bottom of the tank (usually the negative), you might want to consider using stainless steel mesh or cable to bring the juice up to the deck.

NOTE: You must be sure that the deck and the bottom of the tank are already electrically connected. If you are using the original version of the SXK Corolla, DO NOT use this method. The deck on the Corolla V1 is connected to the 510 (positive) centre pin, and the bottom of the tank connects to the negative (and to coil terminal via a separate insulated post), so a metal wicking rod will cause a short. I believe the original Avocado has the same issue. Yes, there are ways to work around the problem, but none of them will be safe enough or reliable enough. The Corolla V1.5 is safe for this, but the original version 1 is not safe.

Don't worry: this isn't going to be like "real" Genesis. You're still going to use cotton in the coil. You won't have to worry about oxidizing your wicks properly and chasing hotspots away or any of that nonsense.¹ This is all about setting your tank up so that you can use as little cotton as possible and still wick right to the bottom of the tank -- without doing that silly "Genesis tilt" thing.² It also means that you can mostly ignore sizing your coil to the wick holes since your cotton doesn't have to go through them.

Stainless cable (wire rope) is arguably better than mesh, but it needs the right tools to cut, and not everybody has them. It certainly has the advantage of being more-or-less permanent; it's pretty much indestructible and only needs the occasional cleaning (or burning, if fire's your thing). But you'll need proper cable cutters or a cut-off wheel to cut it cleanly. If you do use a cut-off wheel, remember to wash all traces of metal filings away before using your new wicks.

316L mesh is more fragile, but if you've got scissors at all, or a razor knife (Stanley, Olfa, X-acto - the sort of thing Americans would call a "box cutter") and a ruler, you're good to go. I mean, sure, the stuff is steel, but at 300 or so wires per inch, there's only so tough it can be, and if what you're using can cut anything, it can cut mesh. Mesh can still last a very long time, but there's a much greater chance you'll kink it or something when cleaning your atty. Still, it's easy to roll a new tube, and ten bucks/quid will get you what amounts to a lifetime supply of the stuff.

See Mark Todd's video at

It's not complicated, and you can use a butane lighter or a gas hob to burn the mesh (it's only to remove contaminants/oils, not to oxidize the mesh) if you don't have a torch handy. (Don't use a Zippo; it'll leave behind worse than you're trying to get rid of in the soot.)
It works an absolute treat. I've vaped a Corolla V1.5 bone-dry a dozen times in testing, and if the thing ever went more than 45 degrees off of vertical, it happened in my pocket when I wasn't using it. (I keep the Corolla on a Mini Volt or a Calvert 18350 mech. No point putting a 2ml tank on a big mod, really. Either set-up gets rather lost in a pocket, and may do tricks to keep from getting bored.) Don't ask me why that was surprising, since it's pretty much the same system as I'm using to go through 5ml in 10 minutes in a Taifun BT. As long as you've got round wick-holes in the deck and nothing's going to short, it'll keep up with your vaping at least as well as cotton, and there's no break-in time to speak of since you're only using just enough cotton to reash the steel wicks.

Give it a go. It may bring an old RDTA back to life for you.

¹ Don't get me wrong, I love a well-set-up Genny with the right e-liquid... but if you think building a mesh/cable Genesis is great fun that everyone should want to have as often as possible, you should probably seek professional help. There's a reason why you can still find remaindered Smok RSST atties in the bigger shops for next to nothing even though they're very nearly as good as the "big name" Gennies of the day; most people don't want or need the agro.

² You shouldn't have to do the "Genesis tilt" with a proper Genesis. Ever. It's a sign you haven't got your wick and coil right yet, not the way things are meant to be. If you're comfortable holding your e-cig like that, fine, then, more power to you, and don't let me stop you. I'm not, I don't, I never have done (with anything other than a cig-alike, where my hand doesn't have to participate in the horizontality of the thing anyway), and I never will do.
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