Popular and peculiar: what e-liquids flavors are favored in Asia?

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Popular and peculiar: what e-liquids flavors are favored in Asia?

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There are over 7,000 e-liquid flavors in the world — and versatility is definitely one of the key things that make vaping great. Menthol, tobacco, and strawberry maybe some of the most popular options for vapers worldwide, but there are lots of regional delicacies that you may have never even considered trying. For instance, here are some of the flavors that are popular in Asia.

Iced mung bean (China)

Mainly cultivated in East Asia, mung beans look like small green beans and are a type of legume. While in western countries mung beans are typically used in salads or stir-fries, in a lot of East Asian countries they are a popular addition to desserts. You will find mung bean and iced mung bean e-liquids in almost any vape store across in China and they are especially popular in summer months because of their refreshing qualities.

Rose milk (Bahrain and India)

Rose Milk is a cold milk drink prepared with the addition of rose essence. It’s popular in India, Bahrain and nearby countries and, just like mung bean above, is said to be perfect for quenching thirst during the hot summer months. Rose milk e-liquid is on the sweeter side and tastes a bit like strawberry and cream. It makes for a mild aromatic vape and should be a great fit for anyone who likes fruity dessert flavors.

Jackfruit (Malaysia)

Jackfruit or durian is a tropical fruit known for its substantial size, spiky outer shell and a scent so powerful that it has been banned by most airlines. People either love or hate durian — staying indifferent to this fruit is a pretty much unformidable task. Known as “the king of fruit” in many Asian countries, durian flavored e-juice is definitely not for the faint of heart. It makes for a sweet but bold vape that may turn heads and shock noses.

Kimchi (South Korea)

Ok, this is probably not the go-to juice for most Korean vapers — but it’s out there. This famous side dish of salted and fermented vegetables is a great accompaniment to almost any meal. As for e-liquid, it most definitely gravitates towards the savory and even spicy. It’s a light vape but it does leave behind a very specific scent that may take some getting used to.

Wasabi (Japan)

Japan is known for its exceptional take on flavor. Wasabi flavored e-liquid may not sound like something you will want to try right away — but it give it time and the idea will grow on you. As the e-liquid itself. Boldly refreshing with a lingering burning aftertaste, the juice will practically reshape your sinuses offering a powering burst of cool and very earthy flavor.

Have you vaped any of the above? Do you have a wishlist of exotic vape juices you would like to try?
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Re: Popular and peculiar: what e-liquids flavors are favored in Asia?

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