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Big Chart O Jooooose!

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Yes, the idea was knicked from Phil Busardo!

Phil’s juice chart takes care of mostly e-liquids from the US and Canada, so I figured it was about time someone done one for mostly EU and UK e-liquids.  The chart will only feature e-liquids that I have reviewed on the YouTube channel.  Also, where a juice company isnt selling 30ml bottles then the price of a 10ml bottle will simply be multiplied to give a 30ml price.  Prices on the chart does not include postage.

Click THIS LINK for the current up to date Big Chart O’ Joooooooooose!

For Phil Busardo’s chart (covering a vast array of US based juices) click THIS LINK

Vapours Oven

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Taking a look at 5 juices, split into two videos today… plus the intro of the new “Vics Big Chart O’ Jooooooooooose”…and yes i stole the idea from Phil Busardo, no one tell him cause Phil scares the crap out of me…

Part 1… Strawberry Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie

Part 2…Strawberry Milkshake, Gingerbread Brulee and Custard Cream

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The Lost Vape Hyperion – Name change, but still the Scutum

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VapeSmarter UK – Coast Build Stand – NIXIE TUUUUUUUBE!!!!

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The VapeSmarter UK Coast Build Stand is exactly what it says on the tin, a build stand, but with VapeSmarter you always get that extra detail. Along with the DNA75 powering the “build” part of the stand, you get double … Read More

Just in… July 27th, 2021

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Just in… July 27th, 2021, YachtVape and Mike Vapes Eclipse RTA Post Views: 41

The Wotofo MDURA – Wotofo enter the durable mod ring

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The Wotofo MDURA is a new dual 18650 based high wattage mod with the latest iteration of the “Nex” line of Wotofo boards inside. The MDURA is heading down a road which isnt much travelled by Wotofo or its owner … Read More

Vapefly Brunhilde (or Kreimhilde II) SBS Kit – Vapefly drops the mic and walks off the stage

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The Vapefly  Brunhilde (or Kreimhilde II) SBS Kit is VapeFly’s entry into the ever-growing SBS (Side-By-Side) style of mod kits that have been gaining popularity on the market. ═╣ Vapefly  Brunhilde (or Kreimhilde II) SBS Kit ╠═ 00:00 ◄ Intro … Read More

Just in…

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Just in… VapeSmarter UK “Coast” Build Stand Post Views: 34

The Nevoks Pagee Pod Kit – The card shaped pods make a return

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Just in, July 21st, 2021

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Just in, July 21st, 2021… Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100C, BP Mods Tookit, Bushido 3 RDA 24 Carat Plated, 7 Balls Bushido Caps, Iaido Mod and Hilt Mod Post Views: 52

The Geek Vape G18 Starter Kit – A blast from the past…

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The Geek Vape G18 Starter Kit is exactly what the name suggests, a pure traditional pen style starter kit with the same shape and styling of the older starter kits that many will remember from 3 to 4 years ago. … Read More

The Boxx by Aspire and SunBox – Aspire’s take on a billetbox?

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Just a note, I do have the RBA kit for the Boxx, that will be in a separate review next week! The Boxx by Aspire and SunBox is basically a new AIO (all in one) kit from Aspire. However, there … Read More

The Obelisk 200 by Geek Vape – The Obelisk gets its 18650’s

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