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Vaping With Vic is a 40 year old Scotsman living in the UK.

I started using e-cigs in March of 2014 after having a health scare after the hospital informed me that my lungs have started to deform due to 20 years of heavy smoking.  I haven’t had a single cigarette since March of 2014.

The Vaping With Vic channel originally wasn’t intended to be a review channel at the start, it was going to be a “vlogging” channel documenting my experiences of the use of e-cigs as a way to give up tobacco use.  However I started to do reviews in the early days of the channel and it grew from there.

With over 8000 subscribers, a live broadcast show which brings in over 200 live viewers, a very busy Facebook group and now this website, Vaping With Vic as a review channel has a reputation of telling it “like it is”.  I’m not scared of giving an e-liquid or a device a slating review, but its very rare for an eliquid or device to be “bad”…but on the rare occasion it is then i let the viewers know about it.

If you are a hardware maker, a vendor, or an ejuice company, and would like something reviewed, please contact me via victor at vapingwithvic.co.uk

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Latest News and Reviews

The Aegis Legend 2 Kit by Geek Vape – The Aegis goes down a new road

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The Aegis Legend 2 Kit by Geek Vape is the next iteration of the popular original dual 18650 battery Aegis which many reviewers had fun trying to break. This new Aegis Legend though goes down a different path from the … Read More

The Morph Pod 40 by SMOK – Soooooo many SMOK pods now….

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The Morph Pod 40 is yet another pod/aio release from SMOK who already have a huuuuuge range of pods out on the market. More than likely released to take over from the ageing Nord range, the Morph pod40 uses the … Read More

The Barrel II by DA One – DAOne overhaul their largest AIO

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The Barrel II by DA One is a major overhaul of the largest of the AIO’s released by DA One in 2019/2020. ═╣ The Barrel II by DA One ╠═ 00:00 ◄ Intro, specs and close look 08:40 ◄ Vape … Read More

Digiflavor Drop 1.5 – The original gets an overhaul

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The Digiflavor Drop 1.5 is the next iteration of the very popular Drop RDA released a loooooong time ago. Not directly tied to Brian TVC (the original designer of the drop), the 1.5 is more of a slight overhaul of … Read More

VapeSmarter UK – DNA 100C Stabilized Wood – The first Evolv 100C Stab Wood mod…

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VapeSmarter UK has recently (VERY recently) started working on Stabilized wood mods based around the brand new Evolv DNA 100C board. As always, the mods are custom ordered with options available by VapeSmarter, but this time around Stu has managed … Read More

The Expromizer V5 by ExVape – ExVape throw their hat back in the MTL ring.

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Since 2015 The Expromizer line by ExVape has been a stalwart of the MTL RTA scene. The Expromizer V5 by ExVape is the latest of the line-up and marks a new road that this long line of tanks is now … Read More

The Nord V4 by SMOK – Soooo many SMOK AIO’s….

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The Nord V4 by SMOK is the latest, and more than likely the last, of the Nord AIO range. With a beefed up battery, screen and variable wattage, along with the choice of two tanks for the RPM and RPM … Read More

The Requiem BF Kit from Vandy Vape – These box squonkers are getting smaller

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The Requiem BF Kit from Vandy Vape is a relaunch (essentially) of the original Requiem RDA and it’s being paired up with a very, VERY small box mech squonker. ═╣ Requiem BF Kit ╠═ 00:00 ◄ Intro and specs 02:39 … Read More

The Titan Advanced Combo Kit by Steamcrave – That’s a big ‘un…

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The Titan Advanced Combo Kit combines two of Steamcraves biggest products (literally) the Titan PWM 1.5 and the new Titan V2 RDTA into one single package. ═╣ Titan Advanced Combo Kit ╠═ 00:00 ◄ Intro and specs 02:34 ◄ Close … Read More

Arcfox Kit by SMOK – Honest, it’s not an Aegis…

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The Arcfox Kit by SMOK is the latest subohm kit from SMOK which has the new TFV18 tank as part of the kit. Featuring all the usual stuff you would expect from a SMOK device, the mod itself looks very…umm…familiar. … Read More

The XRP RTA by Fallout and Mechlyfe – A 3 in 1 tank?

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The XRP RTA by Fallout and Mechlyfe is another in a line of MTL RTA’s that have been released over the past 6 months to a MTL market which is now steadily growing. Where this tank differs though is the … Read More

Lost Vape GRUS 100W Kit – The same GRUS…or is it?

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The Lost Vape GRUS 100W Kit at first glance looks…well…the same as the original GRUS release last year, however, look beneath the surface to the tech specs and there’s something different about this version of the GRUS. ═╣ Lost Vape … Read More