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Vaping With Vic is a 40 year old Scotsman living in the UK.

I started using e-cigs in March of 2014 after having a health scare after the hospital informed me that my lungs have started to deform due to 20 years of heavy smoking.  I haven’t had a single cigarette since March of 2014.

The Vaping With Vic channel originally wasn’t intended to be a review channel at the start, it was going to be a “vlogging” channel documenting my experiences of the use of e-cigs as a way to give up tobacco use.  However I started to do reviews in the early days of the channel and it grew from there.

With over 8000 subscribers, a live broadcast show which brings in over 200 live viewers, a very busy Facebook group and now this website, Vaping With Vic as a review channel has a reputation of telling it “like it is”.  I’m not scared of giving an e-liquid or a device a slating review, but its very rare for an eliquid or device to be “bad”…but on the rare occasion it is then i let the viewers know about it.

If you are a hardware maker, a vendor, or an ejuice company, and would like something reviewed, please contact me via victor at vapingwithvic.co.uk

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Latest News and Reviews

Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 – The Centaurus makes a return

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The Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 is the Quest chip overhaul of the Centaurus line up from Lost Vape. Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 – CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro and specs01:00 – Close up09:00 – Temp Control & Wattage Vape11:00 – Thoughts … Read More

Brunhilde 1o3 

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The VapeFly and German 103 Team Brunhilde 1o3 marks a return to a style of tank which used to be VERY popular half a decade ago, the top coil variant of the RDTA. VapeFly and German 103 Team Brunhilde 1o3 … Read More

The Aspire Riil X

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The Aspire Riil X is a pod kit, but it’s a pod kit with a very different design from the other run of the mill square style pod devices we have seen in this current generation. Aspire Riil X – … Read More

SuicideMods & Bearded Viking Customs Ripsaw RDA – VERY interesting RDA

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The Ripsaw RDA is a team-up of Bearded Viking Customs (the guy who makes the AWESOME resin build stands) and the folks at SuicideMods. Thanks to Vapers Cloud who passed this on to me at the UK Vaper Expo. Ripsaw … Read More

SteamCrave Hadron RDSA

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The Steamcrave Hadron RDSA marks a return to dedicated RDA’s from SteamCrave.Steamcrave Hadron RDSA – CHAPTERS00:00 – Intro and specs04:00 – Close up and build & wicking15:00 – Vape18:00 – Thoughts https://rumble.com/v18gma1-steamcrave-hadron-rdsa-steamcrave-get-back-into-dedicated-rdas.html?mref=z0wfa&mc=kybb8 Post Views: 124


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The SMOK Nfix Pro is an update to the original Nfix adding a few more features to the newest of the SMOK pod lines. SMOK Nfix Pro – CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro, specs and close look 05:00 – Vape 07:00 … Read More

Vaping With Vic – The Future

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SteamCrave Hadron Plus – Steamcrave knock it out the park again

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The SteamCrave Hadron Plus is a continuation of the same body design we all recognize from the large LiPo-based mod released not too long ago. This version of it however uses dual batteries instead of an internal LiPo. SteamCrave Hadron … Read More

Freemax Maxus Solo – Ohhhhhhhhh LED’s!

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The Freemax Maxus Solo is the latest in the Maxus line from Freemax and this one will be of interest to all those custom PC builders who like LED glowing stuff. SUPPORT THE CHANNELhttps://www.patreon.com/vapingwithvichttps://www.youtube.com/vapingwithvic/joinhttps://www.subscribestar.com/vaping-with-vic Freemax Maxus Solo – CHAPTERS 00:00 … Read More

YiHi and SXMINI G-Class V2 – The SXMINI’s star mod returns.

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The YiHi and SXMINI G-Class V2 is the long awaited overhaul of the very popular G Class that was released half a decade ago. With an all new board, chip and screen, a new way of doing temp control and … Read More

YiHi & SXMini SL Class V2 – The SL gets a long awaited update.

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The YiHi & SXMini SL Class V2 is a full overhaul of basically everything compared to the original SL Class released almost half a decade ago. YiHi & SXMini SL Class V2 – CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro and specs 03:00 … Read More

Just in…March 24th

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Just in… YiHi and SXMini SL2 and G-Class 2, Veepon Tita AIO and YDDZ Dispersion RTA Post Views: 348