Hello and thanks for considering sending your item over for review.

Generally, I do 4 to 5 reviews per week, I am sent about 5 to 6 new items in for review every week, due to this the backlog for review is long. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT plan out the queue further than 1 week in advance.  The review queue changes on a weekly basis and whatever is in the queue (and especially how long the queue is) dictates what comes up for the review the following week.

I will no longer review devices that have been out in the retail market for more than a month at the time of being contacted.   Reviewing an atomiser or device that’s already been out for more than a month at the time of being contacted is pointless as there will already have been many other reviews of the device made.

If the item is being shipped from outside of the UK, any customs charges must be paid in full by the sender before I start the review. If you are not sure about customs form filling for international shipping to the UK, please let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

I am here to test the tank or device out for usability… this means that even for the “Jump the queue” fast track package at least 4 days of testing the device will still take place even for the quickest package, you will not be able to get a review out of an item on the Vaping With Vic channel within 4 days.

There are five separate reviews “packages” when it comes to the order that the reviews are done..

Hardware Package 1 – FREE QUEUE

The free queue simply means that the item is sent and is added to the free review queue and waits its turn to be reviewed. Please note that it could take up to two months before your item is reviewed depending on how big the main review queue is and your item may end up not being reviewed at all if there are many other items on the queue that are similar.


Hardware Package 2 – STANDARD QUEUE

The standard queue is the main review queue of Vaping With Vic, unlike the free queue, the standard queue will guarantee your item is reviewed at least within a month of arriving at the studio.


Hardware Package 3 – “Jump the queue”

Jump the queue means just that, a review within one and a half weeks of the item arriving.


Hardware Showcase Video

A showcase is essentially the first half of a Vaping With Vic review. The video will run similar to the “table cam” and intro graphics section, but will NOT include an actual review of the time. Think of it more as a video presentation of a vape device rather than an actual review. Handy if you want to explain to a wholesaler or vendor what your new device is.


E-Liquid Reviews

For a number of years I have not done e-liquid reviews on the channel to concentrate more on hardware, however, starting on October 2020 a limited number of liquid review videos (no more than two per week) will be uploaded on the channel.  E-Liquid reviews are not done for free, and have no jump the queue package.  Contact me for more information.


The Studio

Vaping With Vic is the only reviewer in the UK that is a tax registered business.  In other words, this is my full-time job.  All reviews are recorded in a custom-built studio in three rooms rented out in a multi-storey office building.



Contact me at victor@vapingwithvic.co.uk