Review Requests

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Hello and thanks for considering sending your item over for review.  First of all please look at the current review schedule which can be found here…

Review Calendar

Please note that there is usually a 2 week backlog on the calendar which sometimes stretches out to a month.  In other words if your item is sent today, depending on how many review i have scheduled it may take up to a month before the review goes live.  Generally, the quicker an item arrives, the sooner it goes up on the channel. I will NOT bump up reviews sooner on the list, i may make an exception for latest releases of tanks or mods but generally the item will be slotted in on the earliest available day.


I will review clones, but i will NOT review exact 1:1 other words counterfeits of tanks, drippers and mods which have even “cloned” the packaging.

Hardware reviews generally go up on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, with other days used for e-liquid reviews.  Please note that no review’s at all go up on a Thursday due to the live broadcast i do on VU Live on


I generally accept e-liquid reviews.  Please limit the amount of e-liquids sent to 3…anymore than three the video tends to become overly long.  Also, no hangsen or dekang juices (or re-labelled hangsen or dekang) will be reviewed on this channel.  


Easiest way to contact me is via or fill out the review request form here… Review Form